Recently I read a story about one of the celebrity/success CEOs sharing her journey from startup to leading an expanding organisation.

When the CEO started with the startup, she didn’t see much energy in the company. So, she decided to do a lot of team building activities, including celebrating birthdays of every employee.

Of course, when there are only 10 or 50 employees, one could easily remember the birthdays, and the company can sponsor these birthdays by allocating time or $ in someway. Everything was hunky dory until the company reached 500.

As the numbers grew, it became too difficult to spend time celebrating birthdays for each of the employees, almost every day. This is the instance where CEO had to make a tough call to abandon the birthday celebrations.

If you rewind a bit, the birthday celebrations started as a team building activity. Once the goals are achieved, the old practices could become irrelevant. The leaders need to revisit and re-invent.

The point here is, as the organization’s scale, the leaders shouldn’t stick and continue the old tradition that had worked. Nor borrow ideas that have worked in some other start up/organisation.

Every leader needs to keep a close eye on the scaling aspect and fine tune the practices, culture accordingly.

In addition, many of the practices created in the past had a context. When the context changes, the practices should change or else, could lead to new set of problems.

There is a saying in systems thinking,

Every solution creates a new set of problems.

The new problem might happen after a delay, and the old solution won’t work. One has to keep re-invent to be relevant, especially in a scaling scenario.

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