WHAT IS EDITING AND WHY DOES IT TAKE ME SO LONG TO GET MY PHOTOS? This question gets asked a lot, and it’s a fantastic question! If you hired a professional photographer, then chances are they are getting most of or all of their cash from their photography enterprise. Like every business, there are things that have to get done daily, weekly, monthly and annually to maintain that business running easily and keep the clients coming back. When a photographer only had one wedding,”your wedding” to care for, fairly it should just have a couple weeks or even be less to receive your pictures back to you personally. In the majority of instances, this would not be the standard for any photographer. Besides focusing on your beautiful wedding, they also have to focus on their business as well as other clients they’re producing photographs and products for. What the hell does editing mean anyhow? Instagram Filter! I am certain that you have all heard this by your photographer. “you’ll get your pictures back once I edit them” It’s a term you hear all of the time and you will laugh your mind, but you might not know what it implies? The level of knowledge most people have of editing is projecting an instagram Wedding Photography Editing Tips For Beginning Photographers filter on one of the cell phone pics. While I guess you can call this an edit, it’s not exactly what your photographer would probably be performing to your photos (and if they are you need to run in another direction). Phase one of this editing method is the culling of un-wanted pictures. This can occasionally be a tricky decision. A photographer take several pictures of the same poses or slight variations of to find the best angle, focus etc.. Sometimes they’re similar and all equally as good, so photographers have to choose the ideal picture from the crowd. Obviously it is not difficult to cull those out of shots or focus with funny faces or shut eyes, remember that not every single image of you are a masterpiece, that shutter snaps fast and can capture you mid-range or mid address. Stage two is adjusting the RAW files to produce the ideal colour, contrast, sharpness and exposure. Most (but not all) photographers shoot in RAW to make the most of their own ability to create an edit which matches their vision. What’s a RAW file? A RAW file is a collection of data that is authenticated. Thus, the file has not been altered, compacted, or manipulated in any way by the computer or camera

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